Wanderlei Silva Confident He Won’t Be Suspended By The NSAC

The saga with Wanderlei Silva continues. This time with the former PRIDE FC champion stating that he is confident he won’t be suspended by the NSAC for evading a testing despite Dana White stating Silva would be “in big trouble”.

He spoke with Ag. Fight:

already preparing my defense,” Silva told Ag. Fight. “There’s not much to be done, there’s no legislation over me. I don’t have a license and I’m not committed to fight in any event at the moment. I will do my defense and, as soon as I have (a fight) coming up, I will do the test and prove that I’m clean to get my license.”

“I want to fight in December, at the end of the year,” he said. “They always do big events at the end of the year, and this fight could happen anywhere. I will be ready. I would like to fight in Brazil, but we can fight in Japan or even in the United States. But if it really is against Dan Henderson, I would like it to be in a soccer stadium in Brazil.”

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