Wanderlei Silva Admits To Taking Banned Substances

During a NSAC hearing earlier today for Wanderlei Silva and several other fighters and boxers, Silva admitted to taking two banned substances.

After his brawl with Chael Sonnen on the TUF set, Wanderlei Silva began taking anti-inflammatory medication for a fractured wrist, and then began taking diuretics to minimize the amount of water that he was retaining.

Silva refused to submit to a random drug test on May 24th, and began evading the man hired to collect Silva’s blood and urine samples. After the sample collector finally tracked Silva down at his gym, Silva ducked out a side door and fled the area, leaving the collector to call Silva’s wife to try and track down the former Pride champion.

The NSAC will review Silva’s case and go from there. No decision has been made as to whether or not they will formally file a complaint against Silva.

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