Wanderlei Admits Producers Told Him To “Heat Things Up” On TUF


Recently retired Wanderlei Silva is continuing to speak out against the UFC, saying that the production team may have pointed him towards starting a brawl against Chael Sonnen.

Wanderlei spoke with Band Television about the incident.

“A producer said to me: ‘Look, we reached the seventh episode and things got cold. You could heat things up somehow’, The edition guys screwed me. Sonnen always appeared as the nice guy, consoling his fighters, while my scenes were all of me with ugly face. It was biased.”

“I started to argue with him but, if the production felt that something could happen, they should have separated us. Cut the scene and avoid, but they let things go. It happened for four minutes. It wasn’t a straight fight. We started to discuss and things got heated. Everybody has a savage instinct.”

What are your thoughts on the brawl, and the production team suggesting Wanderlei start a brawl?

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