Wahlberg’s UFC Betting Secrets Revealed!

Mark Whalberg

Rapper/Actor/Model, Mark Wahlberg, AKA “Marky Mark” has a betting secret for all the fight gambling addicts.

It’s a fool-proof betting strategy, better explained by the acting star himself.

Check it:

“I bet a lot while making the movie on things I wouldn’t normally bet on. But, I’m not that big on gambling unless I know I have a chance to win. The thing I bet on most, was repeats of UFC fights and I already knew the outcome. And these guys that I’m working with don’t know the outcome. They’re like, ‘I like this guy in the blue shorts.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, no problem, you take the guy with the blue shorts, I’ll take Georges St-Pierre.'”

(Quote via THIS PIECE, on Wahlberg’s upcoming movie, “The Gambler” – via USA Today)

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