Vitor Belfort: ‘I don’t care what people think or say’

“I deserve it (the title shot). I want the winner[of Silva vs. Weidman II]. I don’t care what people think, talk or say. It doesn’t take my focus away. I do want to fight for and win the UFC title, but I don’t need to keep talking about it over and over. The critics are always going to be there. If you do it, they will say, ‘he cheated.’ What people don’t know is that we do good work. I was the only guy to do blood work. Now Dan Henderson has to go through blood work; it’s in our contract. All the fighters have to do blood work. With the blood work you can track if they use testosterone. We know some guys do it; they do things to cheat. My lab work is right there. My levels are right there, every week. I’m not doing anything illegal. It’s a treatment. Actually, if I go without it I will be at a disadvantage. It will be like the other guy is on something and I’m not. If you have asthma you get treatment. If you have high blood pressure, you get treatment for it. This is my treatment. Everybody knows. I’d love to fight in Las Vegas; I’ve fought in Canada. I love fighting in America, I have lots of fans here. I have just as many fans here in America as I have in Brazil. Of course I want to fight here, I live in America.”

Vitor ‘The Phenom’ Belfort is over the critics who chalk up his fighting dominance to performance enhancing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

And while he prepares to step inside the cage this weekend to face off with Dan Henderson, Belfort isn’t shy to state that he expects a title shot in the UFC’s middleweight division following the outcome of Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman II.

(quote via ESPN)

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