Vitor Belfort Dropping TRT For Weidman Title Fight?

“I don’t believe [Vitor will be using TRT for his fight with Weidman]. It’s something that him and I have not discussed. He trains with us, but most of his, because he’s been in the game for so long, everything for him is pretty well set. So Joana (Belfort’s wife) does most of his day-to-day stuff. And it’s nothing that they’ve talked to me about. I don’t think they will (file for a TUE) to be honest with you, but it’s nothing they’ve talked to me about so I really couldn’t answer you straight.”

I guess it’s possible right?

Vitor Belfort has been the poster boy for Testosterone Replacement Therapy in the past few years. Often drawing criticism with every knockout blow he delivers inside the cage for using the controversial therapy.

Now, according to his manager, he may halt the use of TRT ahead of his UFC title shot against the middleweight champion, Chris Weidman.

Think this is legit?

(quote via The MMA Hour)

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