Urijah Faber Will Not ‘Whine’ About The Reebok Deal

Urijah Faber


Plenty of UFC fighters have come forward expressing their thoughts on the UFC/Reebok deal. Like most controversial talking points, there are those who responded positively and those who have not.

A lot of fighters are revealing that they will lose a lot of money with the new deal and some fighters are saying they will actually be making more than they used to, such is the case with Team Alpha Male fighter Joseph Benavidez. Joe’s teammate and founder of TAM, Urijah Faber, may not be so lucky.

Faber, along with being one of the top UFC featherweight/bantamweights, is also co-founder of Torque, a major apparel company that works with a lot of fighters in the UFC. With the new deal, Torque will no longer be able to be seen during fights or fight week. Thus, a loss for Faber.

“The UFC is helping themselves out on the business side. It’s their business. I’m not one to whine about it.”

Faber isn’t down though, and says he’s optimistic about the companies future, even without the UFC.

“I think we have a bright future. Our gear is looking better and better every new batch of designs is awesome. There’s the school uniform and what you throw on after school. That’s kind of the way I approach it.

“You got the blue slacks and you got the board shorts when you get out of school.”

[source: The MMA Hour]

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