Urijah Faber: Conor McGregor is like ‘a poser wearing Tapout’

Conor McGregor 145

Conor McGregor may only have five octagon wins under his belt, but he is already one of the biggest stars in mixed martial arts today. The Ireland native has transcended barriers and is a mainstream star; The interim UFC Featherweight Champion feels like he has to dress the part of a superstar.

McGregor is currently training for his fight with Jose Aldo which is set to take place at UFC 194, but he is also coaching a team of Europeans on the current season of “The Ultimate Fighter”. Rivaling him is none other than “The California Kid” Urijah Faber who likes to dress extremely laid back. Faber recently talked to MMA Fighting and called McGregor out on his odd choice of apparel while coaching his team during filming, revealing “The Notorious” wore a suit to EVERY practice!

“Let’s be honest here, Conor shows up every day, to practice, to everything, in the Vegas desert, in the full get up,” Faber said. “And he’s got armpit sweat coming out to here [gesturing across his back], at one point he has an ass crack full of sweaty ass, he rips his pants at one point.”

“I’m like, bro, what’s up with the outfit,” Faber said. “He’s like ‘I’m all business.’ I’m like, ‘dude, you’re like the Tapout guy at the bar who thinks he’s a fighter because he’s wearing Tapout.’ In this business world, Conor in a suit and tie is like the poser wearing Tapout. I had to educate him about business. Look at Dana White, Dana White will not put on a suit unless he’s forced to.”

Do you think Conor McGregor’s choice to rock a full-on suit during training is bizarre, or does he have to represent the company 24/7? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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