UFN Glasgow Results: Paddy Holohan Grabs The Judges Decision

Holohan wins

A highly anticipated flyweight fight went down between Paddy Holohan and Vaughan Lee.

Paddy moved forward with front kicks. Eventually he shot in for a takedown. Lee reversed and took top position. Paddy threatened with a triangle. It looked like it was locked up pretty tight. Paddy held on to the choke, while Lee held on and tried to defend. Paddy landed elbows and punches to the head of Lee. Paddy repositioned and rolled, trying to get it even tighter. Lee started unloading with punches, while still stuck in the triangle. Paddy was forced to move and defend and Lee got out, then took the back of Paddy. With ten seconds left Lee locked it in, but lost it with seconds remaining.

Lee landed a nice leg kick. Paddy came forward and shot in for a takedown. They clinched on the cage, Lee landed a big knee to the head of Paddy, who dropped down. Lee took top position on the ground, then moved to mount. He wasn’t able to hold mount, Paddy got free and went for an ankle lock. Lee got out but Paddy stayed on him and took side control on Lee. Paddy kept top control and landed elbows and punches from top. Fighters went to the north south position. Paddy had Lee in an inverted triangle. From there Paddy worked on a Kimura, then switched to armbar before the round ended.

In the third the fight was stopped briefly for a groin shot to Lee. He milked the time he was given to recover. They restarted and Paddy came after Lee. Paddy lands some nice jumping body kicks. Lee seemed content with sitting back, waiting for a big counter. Lee really didn’t do much of anything, he went long stretches of time without throwing anything. Right before the fight ended Paddy got a takedown.

RESULT: Holohan wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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