UFN Glasgow Results: Jo Jo Gets It Done In Front Of Home Crowd

Joanne Calderwood wins

Calderwood wins

Fan favorite Joanne Calderwood took on UFC newcomer Cortney Casey.

Casey came out swinging. It looked like she rocked Jo Jo early, then kept on teeing off. Eventually, for some reason, Casey pulled guard. Jo Jo started working from the full guard of Casey. Casey threatened with an ankle lock, but Jo Jo got free. The round ended with Jo Jo on top position.

Jo Jo came out in the second and landed a few kicks. She worked to get Casey in the thai clinch. When they broke out of that Jo Jo landed a barrage of punched and an elbow. Jo Jo pushed her to the cage, then got a takedown. They stood up and started swinging at each other with everything. Jo Jo landed massive punches, but Casey didn’t back down, Jo Jo took the fight to the ground again. Jo Jo postured up and landed big shots, then she stood up and let Casey get to her feet. Jo Jo tried for a spin kick, then got the clinch. With 10 seconds left Jo Jo and Casey started exchanging with huge punches, both landing.

Jo Jo lands a front head kick in the third. Both women went after it. It was wild, Jo Jo really started connecting. Jo Jo landed a spinning back kick to the body and Casey drops. Jo Jo rushed in to finish but Casey defended and eventually Jo Jo let her back up. Jo Jo went back to striking and landed several big shots. They went to the ground. Jo Jo stood up and let Casey get up again. She waved her over, telling her to come to the center. Casey did and they went bak to slugging it out. Again the fight went to the ground, with Jo Jo on top. She started landing shots from the top, Casey tried for a submission, but Jo Jo defended. With 10 seconds left Jo Jo went nuts and unleashed a fury of punches from the top.

RESULT: Calderwood wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

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