UFN 75 Results: Takeya Mizugaki Does Enough To Earn The UD Over George Roop

Takeya Mizugaki and George Roop met in the octagon at UFC Fight Night: Japan.

They both came out and were’t afraid to exchange. After throwing some big shots Mizugaki clinched Roop on the cage, then they broke away moments later. They were both swinging big punches. Roop came in, looked to put Mizugaki on the cage, but got reversed. Roop got the reversal and put Mizugaki on the cage, then they reversed again. They briefly moved away from the cage, but then Mizugaki put Roop back. They separated again and went back to exchanging strikes. Both guys were landing nice shots but it looked like Mizugaki was landing the cleaner shots.

In round 2 things looked pretty similar to the first. They exchanged for a little but then things went to the cage, where they took turns clinching each other. This was the trend for most of the round. They would both exchange then someone would look to clinch on the cage. It did seem like Mizugaki was getting the better of the stand up.

In the third Roop pushed the fight to the cage early, but Mizugaki didn’t stay there long and broke away. However, Roop was persistent and put him back there. Roop dropped down and went for a takedown but got reversed by Mizugaki. Then it was Roop’s turn to reverse. Lot’s of really exciting clinch work in this fight (sarcasm). Mizugaki tried his best to land some big punches when he could, but the clinch game continued. Well, it was a fight, I guess.

RESULT: Takeya Mizugaki def. George Roop via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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