UFN 73 Results: Scott Holtzman Makes Impressive Debut, Finishes It In The Third

Holtzman wins

In the first fight of the night Anthony Christodoulou took on Scott Holtzman.

Right away Anthony came out and pressed forward. He went for some kind of kick, but tripped. Holtzman landed a nice leg kick. He then trips. Holtzman landed another leg kick, almost ate a big counter. Holtzman gets the clinch and pushes Anthony to the cage. In the clinch he lands a short elbow. They separated but then moments later Holtzman regained the clinch on the cage. They broke apart again. Holtzman landed a massive right hand, then another big shot shortly after. Anthony ate them and kept coming. Holtzman gained the clinch on the cage again. Anthony got the reverse on the cage. They broke apart with a minute left and again Holtzman landed a few big punches. He tried for a spinning back kick, but missed. Right before the round ended, Holtzman connected with a massive uppercut.

Holtzman landed a big body kick early in the second round. Anthony’s corner wanted him to go for a takedown but it didn’t see, like he was working to do so. Holtzman continued to land often with clean shots. Spinning elbow landed for Holtzman, then a straight right hand right after. It was really all Holtzman in the second, just walking Anthony down and landing at will. Right at the end of the round Anthony threatened with an ankle lock, but lost it.

Holtzman continued his dominance in the third. Anthony just looked outclassed no matter where the fight went. Eventually Holtzman got the fight to the ground and moved to the back right away. He made it look easy and locked in the rear naked choke.

RESULT: Holtzman wins via submission (RNC) at 2:40 of round 3

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