UFN 71 Results: Frank Mir Knocks Duffee Out Cold In Round 1

mir wins

mir wins

The heavyweights went to war in the night’s main event when Todd Duffee took on veteran Frank Mir.

Fighters did not touch gloves before the fight. It didn’t take long for these two to start throwing bombs.

It was like watching rock’m sock’m robots. These two went at it from the start. Mir landed several big punches that hurt Duffee. Even hurt Duffee fired back with massive punches.

Mir got staggered with a few of Duffee’s punches, but kept coming. Duffee kept getting caught with Mir’s left hand. Duffee moved in with a big right hand but Mir landed perfectly with a left that put Duffee out cold. He dropped and his limp body bounced off the canvas. Mir jumped on him and started to throw big punches to the unconscious Duffee before there referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

RESULT: Mir wins via KO at 1:13 of round 1

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