“UFN 49” Bonus Report: Dos Anjos, Saunders, Leites and Mein Take Home Extra $50K

Performance of the Night: Jordan Mein
Jordan Mein wanted to make a name for himself as a co main-eventer and he did just that tonight in his bout against Mike Kyle. It was a left hook that sent UFC veteran Mike Kyle crashing to the canvas and everybody knew it was all over at that point. Regardless, Mein smelled blood and refused to stop until the referee called it off. It only took Mein one minute and twelve seconds to wrap everything up.

Performance of the Night: Ben Saunders
Ben Saunders made his UFC return tonight and forced his opponent to submit to one of the rarest in-combat moves: the Omoplata. Saunders was able to trap Heatherly’s arm in a scissor position with his legs and he proceeded to apply more pressure on the hold by pressing down with his hands. Heatherly put off submitting as long as he could but eventually the pain caught up and he had no choice but to tap.

Performance of the Night: Thales Leites
It is debatable how much this victory will mean in the standings, but this is another huge personal victory for Thales Lietes. This was his fourth consecutive victory inside the octagon and this time it was against an opponent with a ton of potential. After an even first round, Leites was able to catch Carmont off guard with an overhand right. Leites then clobbered him with a right uppercut and a left hook— a combo that sent Carmont falling to the ground. Carmont was pummeled for a couple seconds before the referee called it off.

Performance of the Night: Rafael dos Anjos
Did anybody truly expect this? Rafael dos Anjos just defeated the former UFC Lightweight Champion of the world. Dos Anjos dropped the former champion with a flying knee and eventually dropped him again with a vicious left hook. Henderson protested the stoppage but fighter safety is key and he did suffer a flash knockout. Where does Dos Anjos go from here?

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