Dont Expect Sonnen To Beg For Your Approval | MMA News

By Evan Stoumbelis
Chael Sonnen spoke with Dan Brood of The Times recently to tell him that when he gets into the octagon on July 7th he won’t be competing for the sake of North Americans.

“We’re fans and we can cheer for whoever we want to cheer for. You want to back your guy. North American crowds can be the most unloyal crowds there are, but I don’t beg for crowd approval.”  

One person Sonnen will be fighting for however, is his father; Chael promised his dad on his deathbed that he would win a championship, Sonnen has yet to fulfill his promise.  

Sonnen, who is known for his outspoken, over the top, trash talking persona will be having his rematch against Anderson Silva on July 7th at UFC 148.  The fight is being hyped as the biggest fight in UFC history, and given all the trash talking that has been done, and the outcome of the last fight, fans are almost guaranteed nothing short of spectacular from both fighters.

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