UFC’s ‘Looking Into’ Unprofessional Ranking Panelist, Fighters Want Him Removed

Tyron Woodley

If you missed a big story from yesterday, here’s a quick rundown. So as I’m sure you’ve heard, the scheduled co-main event for UFC 192, between welterweights Tyron Woodley and Johny Hendricks, was canceled the day before because of issues stemming from Hendricks’ weight cut. He ended up getting an intestinal blockage and a kidney stone.

After the news of the cancellation UFC president Dana White came out and said that Woodley would be next in line for the title. Most everyone was satisfied with that, seeing as how Woodley is certainly a top welterweight and a win over former champ Hendricks would likely have earned him that any way. Is it his fault Hendricks wasn’t able to go?

Well, one member of the MMA world wasn’t happy about the decision and decided to go on twitter to trash Woodley and his title shot, along with other UFC fighter Dominick Cruz. So what right? People have their opinions, who cares?

You see, this guy, Justin Mayer, wasn’t just some fan, he is an official UFC rankings panel member. A guy who gets to give his input on the UFC’s official rankings. It should be noted that the UFC has final word on all rankings, but still.

The MMA community reacted and fighters called for the UFC to do something about this guy, and, well, the UFC responded and it looks like they are.

Good for the UFC, let’s hope this guy is taken off the panel for good.

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