UFC’s Drug Czar Jeff Novitzky On Diaz’s Suspension: ‘They Got This One Wrong’

Nick Diaz

The support for UFC fighter Nick Diaz is still coming in and now a major player in the UFC’s new anti-doping program has stepped up and said that the Nevada State Athletic Commission was wrong in handing down a five-year suspension.

UFC’s drug czar, Jeff Novitzky, recently spoke with fighter/journalist Josh Samman, via BloodyElbow, and talked extensively about his thoughts on the suspension and why he thinks they made the wrong decision. He started by saying that the commission means well, but that they didn’t get this one right.

He had plenty to say, you can check out an excerpt from his conversation below:

“I’ll preface by saying I think the commission’s motives are in the right place. I do think that they really do care about the short end and long term health of our athletes and that’s the reason why they’ve taken a harsh stance in the anti-doping world. I think they’re trying to do the right thing. I think though that they’re at a big disadvantage in that anti-doping is a very difficult field to 100% comprehend. Those commissioners are part time, at best. The Executive Director, Bob Bennett, who runs the anti-doping day to day operations, that’s only a small part of his full time job. I’ve been immersed in anti-doping for 13 years, and I’m still constantly learning and struggling to keep up with the intricacies of it. It’s a difficult topic and area, but it’s one you have to get perfect, and all that being said, they didn’t get this one perfect. They got this one wrong, in my opinion.

Are you happy to see someone from the UFC step up and show a little support for Diaz and coming from this guy, it’s a pretty big statement.


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