UFC VP: MMA in NY Was So Close to Happening ‘I Could Taste It’


The dream of a fighter defending his UFC championship in front of thousands in a sold-our Madison Square Garden almost became a reality this year… almost.

UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner was one of the officials leading the charge, fighting to legalize MMA in New York. The bill made its way through the NY State Senate with flying colors, but was not voted on at all in the Assembly as they simply ran out of time.

“We’ll make Lucy the New York Assembly and Charlie Brown MMA,” Ratner joked with MMA Fighting. “Every time that Charlie Brown went to kick the ball, Lucy pulled it away. That’s exactly what happened with us. We thought we were right there and somehow it got pulled away. That’s my best analogy.”

Kickboxing and boxing will be the only combat sports New Yorkers will get to see in their home state, at least for another year. Ratner was certain the bill would pass this time, but he learned from previous years’ failures and never banked on it 100%.

“MMA is not one of the biggest things to them where it is to us and my company here,” Ratner said. “I think it’s a combination of a lot of things. It didn’t happen. Very disappointed, because I could taste it this time. But never to the point where I was 100 percent sure.”

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