UFC Veteran Frank Trigg Has No Sympathy for Jon Jones

Jon Jones Tie

Jon Jones is receiving a mixed amount of support and disgust from the mixed martial arts community. At the beginning of April, Jones allegedly caused a three car accident and proceeded to flee the scene of the crime where there was an injured woman. It was later discovered that condoms and a pipe were left in his car.

Jones was stripped of his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship and ultimately suspended from the promotion indefinitely. In a recent interview with Submission Radio, future UFC Hall of Famer Frank Trigg said he has no sympathy for Jones, but rather his parents.

“People have to stop making excuses for this guy and feeling sorry for this guy. I feel sorry for his mom and dad. I feel sorry for his brothers, I feel sorry for his girlfriend and for their kids,” Trigg said.

“I feel sorry for the team, the team around him. You know the guys at Jackson’s that have to deal with this whole fallout.” Trigg is referring to the camp that Jones trains at, Jackson’s Martial Arts. The guys at Jackson’s actually don’t seem to be hurt from the fallout; teammates Andrei Arlovski, John Dodson and Donald Cerrone were all victorious this weekend.

“Don’t feel sorry for Jon Jones. He’s a grown-ass man. He’s a man that’s an adult, that pays his own bills and has his own pay check, can drive his own car, can make his own decisions. He’s making dumb decisions. So when you make bad decisions, you have to pay for them. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.”

Do you feel any sympathy for Jon Jones and the path fame led him down? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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