UFC Signs Fighter, Then Cuts Him Within 24 Hours


In a seemingly strange, but understandable turn of events, the UFC has already cut Mike Imperato less than 24 hours after he was signed to the promotion.

Imperato was a castmember on the fifth episode of ‘Fight Xchange’ in 2013, and used several racial and homophobic slurs on the show.

Several months after the episode aired, Imperato released a written apology for his derogatory comments on the show.

Despite his controversial past, Imperato was signed to the UFC two days ago, which sparked outrage in his local MMA community, and with fans, who angrily Tweeted UFC President Dana White, and matchmaker Sean Shelby. This prompted the UFC to cut Imperato just 24 hours after his signing.

Imperato confirmed his release in a Facebook post that was obtained by MMACanda saying:

Thank you to everyone for their support and interest in my career. Unfortunately I have made some decisions in life years ago that are now affecting me. Thanks to a reality show that I was in where I made some stupid comments and of course people being jealous, I have just got my contract to the UFC cancelled.

To everyone that knows me personally I have nothing to explain, I have always been open hearted and would do anything to help anyone. I have never had weapons, drugs, never raped anyone, never killed anyone I bent over backwards for more people then I can count.

At the end of the day, when people are jealous or are hating on you for your success they will do anything to bring you down. I spent 9 years working on my dream and when it finally came to reality it blew up.

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