‘UFC Rankings Are a Work in Progress, We’re Fixing It’

Dana White

Dana White

The ranking system that the UFC implemented years ago is far from perfect, but Dana White is looking to fix that. Whereas sports like American football and hockey utilize rankings to determine who enters the playoffs, rankings do not mean a thing in the octagon.

Once a fighter makes it in the top five of their division, he/she are the elite of the elite. For a fighter to say they sit above a majority of their weight class is prestigious and amazing, but it doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to the sport. The rankings are barely taken into consideration when title matches are made and it seems like a game of hot potato for whichever fighter fought last.

Dana White mentioned at a recent conference call that they are working on tightening up loose ends with the rankings. “We’re working on the rankings as we speak,” White said. “It’s a work in progress.

Lorenzo Fertitta chimed in and stated, “Obviously we want the rankings to be as well-thought out as possible. We’re looking for more support and participation from key media, and we’re continuing to work through some of those issues.”

What do you think the UFC needs to do in order to fix the rankings?

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