Despite Promises UFC 168 PPV Price Jump May Be Here To Stay

Fans who purchase the UFC’s PPV events were less then thrilled when it was announced that UFC 168 would see a 5 dollar price jump. The normal prices for the events were $44.95 for SD and $54.95 for HD.

UFC 168 will be available for $49.95 SD and $59.95 for HD.

Is it shocking that the UFC raised the price for what is hyped up to be the biggest card of the year, one that will feature a re-match between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva for the middleweight title and Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate for the women’s bantamweight title? No, actually it’s even more surprising that the prices haven’t been raised until now.

The price jump may have been met with harsh reactions due to the fact that UFC president Dana White stated a while back that the UFC would never raise their prices.

Now, the air has somewhat cleared. And after all, White assured everyone that the 5 dollar jump is only a one-time thing and not the new norm. So we can all calm down and relax right?

Maybe not.

If you go to the UFC website you will find that both UFC 169 and 170 are showing the $59.95 price.

There’s always the chance that this is just a mistake and the prices will go back down; however, it sort of feels like these prices are going to be here to stay.

What do you think? Are the prices too high? Or do you just not care because you go and watch the fights at some wing joint?

– Props To Bloodyelbow for the find. 

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