UFC Pirate Pleads For Financial Assistance In $32 Million Lawsuit

Earlier this week we learned of the UFC’s intentions on suing a man (pictured) for alleged piracy of over 100 UFC pay-per-views.

The price tag? $32 Million U.S. dollars.

Now, in a public statement, the accused explains his side and has set up a donation fund for people to assist him with his court costs.

Here it is:

Hello. My name is Steve, and I’m looking to see if there are any kind and generous souls out there willing to help someone in a really awful position; that someone being me, of course.

I’ve recently made headlines around the globe as someone being sued for $36,000,000 by the UFC, the most it has ever sued for. I cannot go into details about the case itself for my own security, unfortunately, but what I can tell you is a major portion of nearly all articles are falsified. Believe me, if I did half of what those articles said, or what the UFC is suing me for, I wouldn’t be here. By their estimation I should be rich, but it’s thanks to them that I’m about to find myself seeing lots of zeroes with no other numbers before them, just like I am now, but to a far greater extreme.

The UFC is accusing me of making money off of the pirating of their monthly annual pay-per-view events by ripping them from TV and giving them out online. This is not true. I’ve paid the UFC loads of money out of my own pocket to view their cards on cable, to see them live, to train at seminars with their fighters, and to register for their online TV network. I used remaining expenses from my last job, even. That’s how far my support goes for the organization, which seems to now be suing me, even though I have medical issues I need medication for, as well as trips to doctors, and cannot afford even now. This lawsuit will be jeopardizing my health more than anything.

Please allow me to describe my living conditions and issues with you all, in hopes of better understanding things.

I’ve had a dibilitating battle with highly severe Panic Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Agoraphobia, and Bipolar Disorder. I missed out on my education, never getting further than the eighth grade due to these issues, and over time, eventually stayed shut-in within my own bedroom for four years without ever setting foot outside, even once.

I developed a barrage of physical conditions as well that have only made living more difficult and sometimes the pain is unbearable. After a bad back injury at one of my jobs, I got laid off and spent an additional year as an agoraphobe, staying shut-in within my home, unable to handle that type of pain.

I eventually got out of that rut and started to try working again and had a great job at a homeless shelter for family housing. I loved the job, but my body didn’t, as it required me to sometimes go beyond what I should, and I eventually had to quit.

My spine is painfully arthritic, my stomach herniated without a fix, and eating has become an annoying task. I do not work and haven’t been able to for about three years, and have been disabled for much more than that, but I’m at a point that with all my issues combined, and age slowly taking its grasp on me, I’m getting worse, and am unable to face the challenges of an average person.

The government has been denying me any help at all. I was denied three times for SSI/Disability. I recently tried again and am hoping for the best, but there is no guarantee. I don’t have a dime to my name, I’m twenty-seven, live at home taking care of my Multiple Sclerosis-stricken mother, I’m not working, I have no financial support aside from my father, which is very limited, I haven’t even started building credit for myself yet, and I have a very difficult time paying copayments to doctors and buying my medications each month.

Please, keep all this information in mind when reading any articles online about me, and it should give you an idea of the actual facts, and not the falsified reports. I understand this is a bit of a gamble for each one of you who reads this, unknowing of who I am and what I support, and I will understand if you turn a blind eye to me because you cannot take this gamble, but for those who do consider, please be 100% assured that any and all donations will be going to my defense, as well as my quality of life. This money is going to a lawyer that I’ve already picked and met with, but will not back me until I find a way to obtain $5,000 for his initial services pre-trial(If it reaches trial and there is no settlement).

To all of you who have stuck by and read this to completion, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

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