UFC pioneer to ‘delusional’ Ronda Rousey: You CANNOT beat a man

Ronda Rousey serious

Ronda Rousey will go down in combat sports history as one of the most dominant champions to ever put her title on the line. Throughout her Strikeforce and UFC bantamweight championship runs, she has successfully defended a title seven times in a row and she is putting that streak at risk at “UFC 193” when she faces Holly Holm.

There are people that believe Rousey could take out some of the men’s bantamweight division fighters, but a certain UFC pioneer isn’t buying into the hype. Don Frye is hopping on the bandwagon with Tank Abbot and is saying he doesn’t think Rousey could take a man and should make HIM a sandwich as well.

“I think Tank stole that from me about making a sandwich,” Frye told Submission Radio. “I think I said that. I think that’s great.”

Frye then started his verbal attack on the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. “I’m sorry Ronda, but I saw an interview with you where you were saying that you’re the ‘Bantamweight champion of the world’ and the UFC doesn’t distinguish between men and women,” Frye started. “But I’m sorry to hurt your little female delusional brain but you are the Bantamweight ‘female’ fighter. You have no chance of beating a male fighter.”

While the “man vs. woman” debate will likely never be solved in the octagon, Frye went on to wrap his rant about Rousey up with another controversial comment.

“So you do belong in the kitchen making a sandwich if that’s your thought,” Frye said. “Otherwise, you are the greatest female fighter on the planet. That’s, the bottom line is ‘female’.”

Does Don Frye have a point? Could Ronda Rousey take any of the octagon’s male bantamweight fighters? Is Frye out of line with his comments? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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