UFC on FOX 5’s Matt Brown On PED’s: “There Aren’t Any Steroids For the Jaw” | UFC NEWS

“They can take all the steroids they want. I don’t think it is helping them as much as they think it is. It is probably more of an insecure thing or a sort of crutch. If they really did increase the testing, which I don’t even know if there is anyway you could, you won’t get rid of it altogether. People will always find a way around it. If there really was a way to just completely get rid of it, I think a lot of guys will have a lot of problem. If they have been taking it for a long time and all of a sudden they don’t have it anymore, what will it do to their minds. It will mess them up. When I punch them in the face, there aren’t any steroids for the jaw.”

– UFC on FOX 5 main card fighter, Matt Brown, talking to The Flying Knee.

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