UFC on FOX 16 Results: TJ Dillashaw Does It Again, Finishes Barao In Round 4

TJ Dillashaw

dillashaw wins

The main event just went down and we finally saw the rematch between TJ Dillashaw and Renan Barao for the UFC bantamweight champion.

TJ came out with his normal shifty movement. Barrio came out a lot faster than the last fight, attacking first, going for a few big head kicks early. He managed to connect with a body kick and knees to the body when they clinched briefly. TJ kept his jab out there and landed several times. TJ got Barao on the cage and landed a nice punch, then clinched him. They both landed good knees in the clinch. TJ landed a series of uppercuts. TJ threw a body kick but slipped. He got back to his feet. TJ had his hands pretty low. Barao managed to land a nice punch. TJ used his speed and kept landing his jabs. TJ landed nice leg kick but ate a punch from Barao. The speed difference was still pretty evident, although Barao continued to find a home for his punches. Barao connected with a big flurry of punches late, TJ answered back with a head kick before the round ended.

In the second round TJ came out and landed a combo. He clinched Barao on the cage and looked for a takedown. He was unable to get it, but kept him on the cage. TJ broke away and landed a big elbow. TJ threw a big head kick but ate a punch from Barao. TJ again put Barao on the cage in the clinch. TJ threw a leg kick but slipped on his way up Barao tagged him with a big left. TJ started connecting more with his straight punches. TJ again went for a head kick but missed. TJ walked down Barao, then shot in for a takedown. He couldn’t get it but put Barao on the cage again, until the round ended.

In the third TJ really came out and pushed the pace. He looked so much faster than Barao, who struggled to find the mark with his punches. Barao went for a takedown but TJ sprawled and almost took the back, but stood up instead. TJ walked around with his hands down at his waist, not very concerned with the punches of Barao. Barao tried for another takedown but TJ shrugged it off and clinched Barao on the cage. After a while Barao tried to get around the neck but TJ stepped back and moved away from the cage. TJ got Barao on the cage and started unloading with big punches. Barao tried to hold on in the clinch. He survived but looked hurt.

In the fourth it was basically the TJ show. He got Barao on the cage early and just went nuts. He started teeing off on Bara connecting with almost every punch and hurt Barao over and over again. The fight could have been stopped sooner but the referee let it go a little bit, Barao looked like he went out on his feet several times. Finally the referee stepped in. Impressive win for the champ, again.

RESULT: Dillashaw wins via TKO at :35 of round 4

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