UFC on FOX 16 Results: Joe Lauzon Pounds Out Gomi, Then Decides He’s Had Enough

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Lauzon wins

The first fight on the main card just went down between Takanori Gomi and Joe Lauzon.

In the first round both fighters were patient at the start, then they started to open up more. Lauzon connected with a good punch. Moments later Lauzon went for a takedown, it looked like Gomi defended it but Lauzon stayed on him and got it down. He took the back right away and started doing what he does best, look for the submission. Lauzon was on his back looking for the choke, then started teeing off on Gomi, landing big shots to the side of the head from the back. Then in a strange situation Lauzon got up and walked away. Gomi slowly got to his knees and looked pretty bewildered. The referee sort of looked at Lauzon like what are you doing, then looked at Gomi and saw he was slow to get up and seemed to be out of it. He then waved off the fight. Basically Lauzon stopped the fight for the referee.

RESULT: Lauzon wins via TKO at 2:37 of round 1

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