UFC FN 68 Results: Ortega And Tavares Put On A Show But Ortega Ends It In The Third

Brian Ortega

Third fight on the main card featured grapplers Thiago Tavares and Brian Ortega.

Tavares came out and took the center of the octagon. He pushed forward and threw a few big punches before taking Ortega down. Right away Ortega went for an armbar. From there he switched to a triangle. That didn’t work either. Tavares got out and started raining down big punches from the full guard. Again Ortega went for an armbar. Tavares rolled to get out and Ortega ended up reversing and taking mount position.

After not doing much, Tavares got the reversal and regained top position. Someone was bleeding really bad, but it was hard to tell. Both men got to their feet. After both men threw some wild punches, they clinched and Tavares judo threw Ortega down. Round ended.

It was Tavares who was cut, right above his nose. Tavares was throwing with a lot of power. He was moving forward. Ortega threw a spinning elbow out of no where and caught Tavares, who stumbled back and fell. Ortega rushed in but Tavares was able to survive and get Ortega to the ground. Ortega got to his feet briefly, but Tavares took him down again. Tavares managed to get mount position, but Ortega somehow threatened with a heel hook and Tavares had to scramble out. But, then he got him right back to the ground. Working from full guard Tavares landed strikes and bleed all over Ortega. Second round ended.

Tavares’ face looked pretty beat up to start the third. Tavares came forward with big swooping punches. Ortega landed a nice leaping jab. Then he ate a big knee to the groin and dropped. Time out.

They started again. Tavares landed a nice body kick, then ate a counter punch combo from Ortega. Ortega went for some kind of spinning thing and failed. Tavares grabbed a hold of him and went for the takedown. He got him against the cage. Ortega broke free, then landed big left hand that knocked Tavares’ mouth piece out. They stopped and put it back in. Both fighters went back to work and started throwing bombs. Ortega caught Tavares with a big right hand that dropped Tavares. Ortega ran in, mounted him and pounded him out until the referee stopped the fight. Possible fight of the night, even with all these great fights.

RESULTS: Ortega wins via TKO at 4:10 of round 3

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