UFC FN 62 Results: Dober Screwed by Ref, Silva Gets Win

Leandro Silva WINS

Drew Dober and Leandro Silva met in the middle of the octagon and the result was anti-climactic and unfortunate.

After a back and forth opening round, Silva took the fight to the mat in the second round and started to work for a submission.

Silva locked Dober in a arm-in guillotine choke and it was clear the hold was not going to finish the fight. Dober had enough room to breathe and was simply waiting for sweat to aid him in slipping his head out. Dober posted his arm down to the mat to get a better grip of Silva and he buried his head down while closing his eyes. Somehow, all of this together led the referee to believe Dober was in danger and waved the fight off.

There was no tap. Dober did not pass out. Silva gained a victory simply because the referee made a mistake.

Leandro Silva def. Drew Dober by way of Submission (Guillotine) 2:45 of Round 2