UFC FN 60 Results: Henderson Makes Thatch Tap in Round 4

Benson Henderson at weigh-ins

Benson Henderson

After several changes to the main event, Ben Henderson and hometown boy Brandon Thatch finally made it to the octagon in one piece for their welterweight bout. Henderson seemed to be in amazing shape and the gain in weight did not hinder his performance tonight in the least.

Thatch utilized his height to step in and crack Henderson with combinations during the first two rounds. Henderson tried to circle around the octagon and change levels after lunging in with strikes, but they rarely landed. The ones that DID land, however, were strong enough to have Thatch swell up under the eyes.

Henderson finally saw some definitive offense in the third round when he executed a dragging takedown and transitioned to the back of Thatch with ease. Thatch defended the rear naked choke and eventually made it back to his feet before the round expired. Henderson found out he was the alpha on the ground however, and took the fight to the floor again in the fourth.

Henderson once again transitioned to the back of Thatch and leapt his neck for the rear naked choke. The hold was locked in and Thatch was forced to submit!

Ben Henderson def. Brandon Thatch by way of Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 3:58 of Round 4