UFC FN 56 Results: Magalhaes Knocks Smith Out in 31 Seconds!

Calo Magalhaes Wins

Caio Magalhaes wanted to give the native Brazilians a show and that is just what he did tonight!

Magalhaes caught Smith with a left hook and brought him into a quick clinch. He shoved Smith’s head down and Magalhaes landed a devastating knee. Smith was wobbly and eventually fell face first onto the mat. He was trying to make it back to his feet but Magalhaes was having none of that and dove to finish him. Smith was never able to regain his composure and the referee was forced to wave it off.

The finish happened so fast, they showed the fight in its entirety after the winner was announced.

Magalhaes landed two or three shots to the back of the head, but it was after the knockout blow. Do you think he should be punished for the shots or should the referee have stepped in sooner?

Caio Magalhaes def. Trevor Smith by way of KO (Strikes) :31 of Round 1

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