UFC FN 55 Results: Hawaii’s Louis Smolka Lands A Stunning Side Kick, Wins Via TKO

Louis Smolka Wins

Here come the flyweights! The fourth fight in Sydney featured Louis Smolka and Richie Vaculik.

The Hawaiian fighter, Smolka, got caught early with a big combination from the Australian. Smolka looked to recover and started utilizing his kicks. Vaculik landed several body shots, but Smolka kept coming with his own strikes.

Smolka’s uppercut began landing. Smolka threw a kick but was immediately taken down by Vaculik. After a scramble Smolka ended up on top, where the round ended.

In the second round Smolka looked more comfortable, with his striking really picking up. Eventually Vaculik secured a takedown and looked to have a rear-naked choke, but Smolka was able to get out the fight returned to the feet. Right at the 10 second mark Smolka leaped forward with a flying knee, but was taken down for his efforts as the round ended. Going into the third the fight seemed even, with neither fighter taking an advantage.

The third round started and then it ended. Early on Smolka landed a beautiful stepping side kick to the chin of Vaculik, who dropped. Smolka rushed in and beat on Vaculik until the referee stopped the fight.

Result: Louis Smolka wins via TKO at :18 of Round 3.

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