UFC Fighter Drops Opponent With Groin Shot –– Accident or Intentional?

Nick Hein scores with a dead-on knee to Yusuke Kasuya’s nuts.That’s how it’s done. Nick Hein drives a powerful knee through the balls of Yusuke Kasuya early in the first round of their scheduled three-rounder. Kasuya crumples to the floor and rolls around in pain for nearly the full allotted five minutes. Eventually he resumes fighting in a weakened state, and loses a unanimous decision. A real fight would have ended right there; Hein by brutal knockout.

Posted by Zev Stern on Sunday, September 27, 2015

During this past weekend’s ‘UFC Fight Night: Japan,’ fans witnessed a pretty brutal groin shot that dropped a fighter right away and took him quite some time to recover.

It happened in the fight between Nick Hein and Yusuke Kasuya. The two fighters were clinched up and Hein landed a big knee directly to the cup of Kasuya. He dropped down right and started rolling around on the mat in pain. Hein casually walked to the other side of the cage and the referee called a timeout for Kasuya to recover. He stayed on the canvas for most of his time, but did get back to this feet eventually and the fight carried on.

The issue comes in decided if the knee was in fact an accident or intentional. It’s pretty rare to hear the commentators saying that it looked like it was on purpose but that’s the first thing Jon Anik pointed out when seeing the replay and Kenny Florian didn’t exactly disagree.

So what do you guys think, accident or on purpose?


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