UFC Fight Night 67 Results: Francisco Trinaldo Goes To War With Norman Parke, Gets Split Decision

Trinaldo wins


The only lightweight bout of the night went down between Francisco Trinaldo and Norman Parke.

Trinaldo landed a few really nice leg kicks. He threw out some jabs, then threw a big right hand that was blocked. Parke lands a big left hand. Trinaldo looked good on his feet, then Parke move in and got the takedown. When Trinaldo tried to get up Parke tried to take the back, but failed and kept him clinched on the cage. Parke landed a judo throw, and started working from half guard. Trinaldo again got to his feet but Parke kept the pressure on him, clinched on the cage.

In the second round Trinaldo came out with a big right hand that missed. Then he threw out some jabs. Parke again went forward looking for a takedown. Trinaldo reversed and clinched Parke onto the cage. He let go and stepped away. Trinaldo landed a big left hand, then a big body punch. Parke shoots in but Trinaldo shrugs him off. Trinaldo goes for a jumping knee, misses. Parke tries again for a takedown, is unable to keep ahold of him. Trinaldo landed a nice elbow to the head of Parke. A big body and leg kick came from Trinaldo. Parke really wasn’t able to do much in the second round.

In the third, Trinaldo continued to land his strikes. Parke managed to get a takedown. Parke made his way to Trinaldo’s back, and put both hooks in. Parke worked for the choke, Trinaldo did well defending it. Parke didn’t throw many strikes in the position, just tried for a choke. Eventually after a while Trinaldo managed to survive and get to his feet, but then got taken down again by Parke.

RESULTS: Trinaldo wins via split decision  (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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