UFC Fight Night 67 Results: Francimar Barroso Wins Unanimous Decision Over Tough Ryan Jimmo

Barroso wins


Francimar Barroso vs. Ryan Jimmo took place in the light-heavyweight division.

Early on Barroso seemed to get poked in the eye, but the two touched gloves and kept going. Jimmo landed a nice punch as Barroso came forward. Barroso moved for the takedown and clinched Jimmo on the cage. Barroso kept him on the cage and really did nothing. Both men landed a few knees. Jimmo managed to get underhooks. Then the referee finally separated them. The round spent too much time in that clinch and the referee should have separated them sooner.

In the second Barroso came out strong looking for big strikes. He eventually once again clinched Jimmo on the cage. After a while of nothing the referee stepped in and separated them. Jimmo came in with a big punch but got a kick to the groin. Jimmo fell to the ground in pain. They stopped the fight and Jimmo asked for the doctor to come in.

Jimmo took nearly the full 5 minutes to recover, then they started again. Jimmo landed a nice uppercut. Barroso then landed a big uppercut. Barroso pushed forward and clinched Jimmo on the cage. Jimmo seemed to eat a head-but as Barroso came in, it caused his eyebrow region to swell up bad

In the third Jimmo started with a few big leg kicks. Both fighters seemed hesitant to throw. Barroso rushed in looking to clinch but Jimmo got the advantage and pushed him on the cage. Barroso then reversed and looked for a takedown. They released, then Barroso landed a good right hand. The fight went back to the clinch position on the cage. Barroso worked really hard to get a takedown but was unable to.

RESULTS: Barroso wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30,27, 29-28)

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