UFC Fight Night 67 Results: Charles Oliveira Locks In Third Round Choke, Submits Lentz

Charles Oliveira

Charles Oliveira wins

The co-main event just went down between Nik Lentz and Charles Oliveira.

Early on Lentz clinched up and pushed him to the cage. Oliveira broke away briefly. Lentz stayed on him and pushed forward. Oliveira tried to lock in a guillotine choke. It looked tight and they went to the ground. Lentz was able to get up and out. Oliveira landed nice throw takedown. They went back to their feet. Again Lentz kept the pressure on and pushed for a takedown. During a striking exchange Lentz seemed to be landing some good punches. At one point Oliveira covered his eye like he got poked, the referee didn’t step in and Lentz started teeing off on him. Oliveira pulled himself together and started striking back. Both fighters started swinging like crazy. Lentz got caught with a big knee to the body that dropped him. Oliveira moved in for the kill but was unable to finish. The round ended with Oliveira on top.

In the second they started right away. Both fighters just swinging and landing punches at will. Oliveira gets taken down, Lentz moves to half guard. Lentz moved to side control. Oliveira managed to get up to his feet, but Lentz picked him up and slammed him on his face. At one point Lentz had a guillotine locked up, then moved to the mount. Oliveira broke free and threatened with a ankle lock. Lentz stayed patient and turned out of it, gaining top position. Oliveira got up but found himself on bottom again when he went for a trip and failed.

In the third Oliveira landed a nice knee to the body. Lentz looked a little fatigued with his striking. Lentz went for a takedown but Oliveira rolled out of it. Oliveira grabbed a hold of Lentz and locked up the guillotine. It was tight and then he rolled to mounted guillotine. Lentz had on choice but to tap.

Amazing fight!

RESULTS: Oliveira wins via submission (guillotine) at 1:10 of round 3

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