UFC Fight Night 65 Results: Kyle Noke Picks Up Interesting Decision Win

The welterweights stepped in to fight when Kyle Noke fought Jonavin Webb.

Webb came out with a lot of movement and speed. After circling for a while Webb shot in for a takedown but was stuffed. Webb, the smaller fighter looked to utilize his speed and quickness against the much larger Noke. Webb had to pop in and out trying to land against the taller fighter.

He shot in for another takedown, pushing Noke to the cage. Fighters began to separate when Webb dropped down and went for a leg lock. Noke was able to get out and both fighters returned to their feet. Webb again shot in and this time got a takedown. With his back on the cage and in bottom position, Noke looked to get to his feet. Webb went for a guillotine, then switched and took the back. Round one ended with Webb on top.

Round 2 began and Noke got dropped early with a big punch. Webb rushed in and took top position. From half-guard Webb worked to advance his position. He eventually moved up and looked to get an armbar but Noke reversed and got to his feet, standing over Webb.

Noke went into Webb’s guard. Noke landed several big shots, then stood up and kicked the legs of Webb. He eventually went back down into half-guard. Webb quickly tried for an ankle lock, but failed. The men stood up but Webb kept the high pace going and got a takedown. The fighters stood up again. Noke came in with a leaping switch kick, but got dropped by a punch from Webb. The round ended.

In the third both men appeared a little fatigued. Noke landed a nice leg kick, then a few really nice right hands. Then it was Webb’s turn to land a big punch. Noke was able to stuff the takedowns but ate a lot of big right hands. Noke threw a last second head kick that missed.

RESULTS: Kyle Noke wins via Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 27-30)

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630 This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM