UFC Fight Night 65 Results: Brendan O’Reilly Grinds Out A Unanimous Decision Over Fellow Aussie

O'Reilly WINS

UFC Fight Night 65 is still rolling and the welterweights hopped in the cage for the second fight of the night.

Australians Vic Grujic and Brendan O’Reilly met in the cage for an exciting home country duel. This was the only fight of the night featuring two Australians.

In the first O’Reilly clinched early and looked for a trip, but was unable to complete it. He then pushed Grujic to the cage, where they went back and forth, reversing each other. Each fighter had their back on the cage for brief amounts of time. O’Reilly finally got a takedown against the cage but Grujic made his way to his feet almost suddenly. The fight continued on the cage in the the clinch. At one point Gujic had the offensive position, with O’Reilly on the cage, and managed to land some good shots but was then taken down.

O’Reilly worked from half-guard, trying to lock in a kimura, but let go an took mount position briefly. The fight eventually went back to the feet, with O’Reilly still getting the better of the clinching battle.

Grujic came out swinging in the second. While O’Reilly looked for another clinch Grujic seemed to clip him with a big punch. Still. the fighters clinched on the cage with Grujic pushing O’Reilly on the cage and swinging with big shots.

O’Reilly seemed to be gassing out and Grujic appeared to be the fresher fighter. Eventually fighters returned to the center of the octagon and O’Reilly landed a nice front teak kick to the face of Grujic. Both fighters landed several big punches while working in the grueling clinch again. Fighters met in the center and started swinging. At the end of the second round Grujic got a takedown and almost locked in a quick rear-naked choke before the bell sounded.

The third started and both men went back to swinging wild punches until Grujic got O’Reilly clinched on the cage. Every time they broke from the clinch they both threw huge punches. O’Reilly landed a nice takedown on the cage and worked in full guard position, landing short punches. Grujic managed to get back to his feet but O’Reilly stayed in control in the clinch. The fight ended with another takedown from O’Reilly.

RESULT: Brendan O’Reilly wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)



By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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