UFC Fight Night 64: KO! Cro Cop Avenges Loss Against Gonzaga

Mirko Cro Cop

Cro Cop WINS

Mirko Cro Cop is back!

Cro Cop seemed gun-shy and cautious when it came to standing with Gonzaga. Whenever Gonzaga would charge forward, Cro Cop would run backwards and then reset to the middle of the octagon. Gonzaga trapped him against the cage wall and as Cro Cop ran to the center Gonzaga took him down.

There was a brief scramble on the ground where Gonzaga almost locked in a heel hook, but Cro Cop was able to escape. Despite getting full mount, Gonzaga was not able to finish Cro Cop in the first.

The second round ended the same as the first; Gonzaga in full control of the fight but this time, Cro Cop was bleeding profusely. He was sporting a cut over the left eyebrow but the blood did not run into his eye.

Gonzaga went back to takedowns in the third round, but his plan backfired as Cro Cop was able to catch him off guard with two elbows in the clinch. Gonzaga wobbled then eventually fell to the canvas!

Cro Cop followed him to the ground and it looked as if Gonzaga was going to survive, but Cro Cop refused to let the fight make it to a fourth round.

Cro Cop crashed his elbow into the face of Gonzaga several times before the referee stepped in to wave the fight.

After the bout, Cro Cop said he will be back in the gym in two weeks.

Mirko Cro Cop def. Gabriel Gonzaga by way of KO (Strikes) 3:30 of Round 3

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