‘UFC Fight Night 38: Shogun vs. Henderson II’ Main Card Play-By-Play & Live Results

As part of our live fight night coverage, BJPENN.COM, invites fight fans to join us for our main card play-by-play and live results on tonight’s UFC event in Brazil.

‘UFC Fight Night 38: Shogun vs. Henderson II’ features a main event between Dan Henderson and Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua from Natal, Brazil.

If you do not have Fox Sports 1 or cannot make tonight’s card, join us here for all your blow-by-blow and round-by-round updates.

Main card coverage kicks off at 4:00 pm PT / 7:00 pm ET.

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RONY JASON (13-4 MMA, 3-1 UFC) VS. STEVEN SILER (23-11 MMA, 5-2 UFC)

Round 1 – Siler starts with a leg kick and body kick. Jason lands two good punches. Siler misses with a leg kick. Front kick from Siler. Jason lands a huge right hand that rocks Siler! Siler stumbles back, Jason moves in and lands a left hook. Siler falls back to the mat, the referee steps in and stops it.

Result: Jason wins via TKO at 1:17 in Round one. 


Round 1 – Both fighters bouncing around. Good leg kick from Taisumov. Prazeres lands a good combo. Fighters clinch. Prazeres gets Taisumov down. Prazeres gains full mount. Now he’s in half guard. Prazeres moves to side control, then north-south. Taisumov reverses and gets to his feet. Prazeres gets him against the cage in a clinch. Prazeres goes for a takedown, Taisumov holds the cage, but lets go and gets taken down. Prazeres looks for kimura, then gains mount. Prazeres looks for an armbar. Fails and is now in full guard. Prazeres landing some good strikes in the guard. Prazeres moves to half guard. Now in mount again. Taisumov gets to his feet. The referee calls time. Referee takes one point away from Taisumov for an illegal kick to a downed opponent. 10-8 Prazeres.

ROUND 2-  Taisumov gets rocked, recovers right away. Then gets Prazeres down. Taisumov stands Prazeres up. Both fighters up. Taisumov landing with some good body shots. Prazeres goes for a takedown against the cage. Again, Taisumov holds the fence, referee takes another point. Good combo from Pazeres. Head kick from Prazeres. Big overhand right. Another right from Prazeres. Left hook from Prazeres lands. Good jab from Taisumov. Front kick from Taisumov. Good leg kick lands from Prazeres. Another high kick from Prazeres. Round ends, Prazeres 10-8.

ROUND 3- Leg kick from Prazeres. Good combo from Prazeres, gets Taisumov against the cage. Fighters break away. Again Prazeres gets him against the cage. Prazeres hooks the leg and looks for a takedown. Again Taisumov holds the cage! Referee warns again, says next time he will be dq’d. Left hand from Taisumov. Both fighters land big punches. Leg kick from Prazeres. Taisumov throws a kick, it gets caught and Prazeres looks for a takedown, doesn’t get it. Prazeres pushes him against the cage and gets the takedown. Full mount for Prazeres. Now he is in full guard. Taisumov pushes away with his feet and gets up. Big right hand from Prazeres. Taisumov clinches Prazeres against the cage, 13 seconds left, Taisumov’s corner is telling him just to give up because of his lack of urgency. The fight ends. Prazeres 10-9.

Result: Prazeres wins via Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-25)


Round 1 – Good leg kick from Villante. Maldonado rushes in, gets clinched by Villante and taken down. Villante is working out of side control. Maldonado tries to roll, Villante gets to his back. Maldonado is trying to stand up against the cage. Villante landing good knees to the legs and body of Maldonado. Villante gets Maldonado down again with a body lock. Villante now in half guard. Gains side control.  Villante is still on top, working in half guard. The crowd is growing restless. Villante is landing a few elbows, but not doing a lot of damage. Villante rides out the rest of the round. 10-9 Villante

ROUND 2- Villante looked to have rocked Maldonado with a left hook. Villante staying patient. Villante fakes a takedown. Maldenado lands a one two combo. Maldonado starting to land the jab. Villante gets the fight down, has Maldonado against the cage. Villante working to get to the back. As Maldonado stands up against the cage, Villante lands a few good knees to the head. Maldonado is bleeding but seems to have come alive. Maldonado starting to land. Maldonado’s jab is landing well. Villante looks tired. Maldonado is landing combos. Villante drops and looks for a double leg takedown, it’s stuffed. Villante’s hands are low. Maldonado is pushing forward. Maldonado is teeing off on Villante. Villante drops his hands to his waist with a few seconds left in the round, he looks exhausted. Maldonado 10-9.

ROUND 3- Maldonado goes right back to the jab. Villante is eating punches. Villante lands a good high kick. Maldonado is walking Villante down. Villante shoots in, doesn’t get the takedown. Villante eats a punch and goes for a very slow takedown, fails. Villante is breathing heavy and has his arms down by his waist. Maldonado telling Villante to bring it. Villante can’t get the fight down. Has Maldonado against the cage, tries for a takedown, fails to get it. Maldonado pouring it on. Big overhand right from Maldonado. Villante is literally standing and getting punched in the face. He looks wobbly. The fight ends and Villante is laying on the mat while Maldonado climbs the cage. 10-9 Maldonado

Result: Maldonado wins via Unanimous Decision (29-27 ,29-28 ,29-28)


Round 1 – Santos with a huge leg kick. Missed head kick from Parke. Another big leg kick from Santos. And another. Santos comes in with a upper cut, then clinches. Fighters break. Referee calls time. Looks like a poke in the eye of Parke. Good body kick from Santos. Santos lands with a counter uppercut. Parke gets Santos against the cage, then they break apart. Parke’s left eye already looks like it’s swelling. Parke again gets Santos on the cage. Referee separates them. Parke eats another body kick. Santos goes for the takedown, it’s stuffed. Parke has Santos on the cage. Parke’s not doing a lot when in the clinch on the cage. The referee separates them again. Head kick from Parke. Santos lands a good right hand. Fighters clinch. Parke goes for a single leg takedown, the round ends. Close round, Parke 10-9.

ROUND 2- Leg kick from Parke. Throws out a jab. Santos lands a left uppercut. Fighters exchange, then clinch. Parke has Santos against the cage. Parke is landing knees to the legs. Referee breaks them apart. Santos shoots for a takedown, misses it. Parke shrugs it off and has Santos on the cage again. Parke looks for a single leg. The referee calls time, takes a point from Parke for grabbing the shorts. Missed head kick from Parke. Head kick from Santos. Parke pushes Santos to the cage. Parke has Santos on the cage, but is failing to do anything offensive. Fighters separate. The both throw punches, then clinch again. Parke lands a good elbow. Parke lands a few uppercuts while clinched against the cage. Parke gets the back while standing, lands some leg strikes. Another close round, because of the point deduction it might be 9-9.

ROUND 3- Both fighters come out swinging. Parke really trying to push the pace. They clinch against the cage, with Parke in control. Parke trying to land short punches in the clinch. Santos reverses, but then gets reversed. Both fighters are working to gain control in the clinch. The referee splits them up and Parke goes right back to the clinch. Parke is just smothering Santos with his clinch game. Parke is trying for a takedown, but is not finding any success. They are separated again. Parke lands with a right hand. Santos fakes a takedown, and now it’s back against the cage in the clinch. Parke seems content with pushing Santos against the cage for the rest of the fight. Parke gets a brief takedown at the end of the fight. 10-9 Parke

Result: Majority Draw (29-27(Santos), 28-28, 28-28)


Round 1 – Ferreira lands a few punches, Dollaway lands a good right hand. Ferreira pushes forward, backs Dollaway towards the fence. Ferreira is throwing huge punches, Dollaway counters with a right, left, right combo. Ferreira drops and Dollaway goes in and pounds on Ferreira until the referee stops the fight.

Result: Dollaway wins via TKO at :39 of Round one. 


Round 1 – Leg kick from Shogun. Henderson tries to counter. Missed leg kick by Shogun. Missed jab from Shogun. Both fighters feeling each other out. Good leg kick from Shogun, then another. Body kick from Shogun, Henderson lands his own kick. Henderson lands two quick jabs. Another body kick from Shogun. They clinch, Shogun drops to the mat, Henderson tries to grab the neck, both fighters separate. Leg kick from Shogun. Henderson sort of goes for a takedown, backs out. Leg kick from Shogun. Henderson comes in, tries a body punch, Shogun clinches, then releases. Shogun continuing to land leg kicks. Henderson lands a huge left hand, Henderson goes in and gets rocked by Shogun. Henderson goes down against the cage, Shogun tries to finish it with ground and pound, Henderson loos hurt but starts to get to his feet against the cage. Shogun keeps Henderson down to end the round. 10-9 Shogun.

ROUND 2- Shogun lands a punch. Shogun throws a punch that lands behind the ear of Henderson. Shogun has Henderson clinched against the cage.  Fighters break apart. Jab from Shogun. Fighters exchange, Henderson lands a punch and Shogun counters with a body kick. Henderson attempts a takedown, fails to get it. Shogun lands a huge uppercut, gets Henderson to the ground.Shogun working in full guard. Shogun trying to land from guard, Henderson doing a good job of keeping Shogun in tight. Referee stands them up. Shogun with a jab. Body kick. Another strong round for Shogun, 10-9.

ROUND 3- Leg kick from Shogun. Shogun threw a jab, Henderson tries to counter with a big right hand, misses. Henderson lands a good right hand. Shogun keeps landing the jab. Shogun getting off first, Henderson lands a massive right hand!! Drops Shogun. Henderson runs in and finishes Shogun!!! Fight over! Henderson wins.

Result: Henderson wins via Knockout at 1:31 of Round Three

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