UFC Exec: ”Stitch’ Duran Wasn’t Fired Because Of Reebok Comments’


The story has been told over and over again since it happened, longtime UFC cutman Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran was fired for speaking out about Reebok.

The news was reported, Duran confirmed it, everyone has since said the same thing. Joe Rogan made reference to it on his podcast and even UFC president Dana White never once said that it had nothing to do with Reebok, only that he and Stitch weren’t friends.

So then why is it that UFC’s Lawrence Epstein is telling International Business Times that his firing actually had nothing to do with what he said about Reebok.

Check it out!

“Unequivocally, his comments had nothing to do with him getting let go. I can’t be more firm on that. There are a variety of reasons that he was let go, but nothing to do with his comments on Reebok. He’s trying to paint this thing as, he said some stuff about Reebok and as a result, he was let go. It’s just not true. That’s not the reason why he was let go. I can’t be more clear on that.”

Well now I’m just confused. Why hasn’t anyone else from the UFC come out and said this before hand, especially when fans were threatening to boycott and cancel Fight Pass memberships over it. It just seems strange. Hopefully the UFC will come out and give a little more explanation to what he’s talking about here.

We’ll keep you posted.

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