UFC could obtain naming rights for UFC 200 arena

While there’s still plenty of time before UFC 200, talks of potential super-fights for the event are already becoming more and more common among MMA fans.

As if there wasn’t enough hype behind UFC 200, now there’s a chance that the UFC could obtain the naming rights for the new Las Vegas arena that allegedly blows every other arena out of the water. The arena will open in April of 2016, and UFC 200 will go down in July.

UFC President Dana White was on hand for the groundbreaking ceremony, and had plenty of good things to say about the plans for the arena.

He spoke to MMAJunkie:

“There’s been a lot of talk that this city needed a new arena. Not only is it big for the UFC, and all the other events that are coming here, it’s really big for the city of Las Vegas. I don’t think people really realize what a game changer this is for Vegas. You’re talking to a guy who’s done basically every major arena all over the world, and the plans that I’ve seen for this thing, it blows away any arena.”

Above is the video of the newscast discussing the UFC’s interest in purchasing the naming rights.

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