UFC Champ Weidman Still Suspicious of Belfort’s Testosterone Levels

Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman USA UFC 187

Chris Weidman was UFC 187’s lone champion walking into the weekend and he was looking to defend his championship on fair ground. However, when he caught wind that Vitor Belfort’s testosterone levels were higher than his he confronted “The Phenom” on-stage at the weigh ins.

During the UFC 187 post fight press conference, Weidman addressed the commotion leading up to Saturday night and if he was still emotional about it afterwards. “…When I was at the media scrum [Brett Okamoto] told me that he had called up Nevada and got our tests back. Both of my scores were like 370 and 370 both times, which is on the low side.”

Weidman continued, “His was 500 and 1,200. So, I’m like, ‘All right— This is a guy who needed TRT for his whole life — not his whole life, but for such a long time because he was suffering and he couldn’t live without it. And now, all of a sudden, he has four times the amount as me and he’s 10 years older. There’s something that’s happening there.

“…Then when weigh-ins came around, for some reason, I kind of got emotional into it. But when it came down to tonight, I just kind of put it aside and it was just competition.”

Did Chris Weidman prove anything by putting Vitor Belfort on the spot like he did? Were Vitor Belfort’s numbers suspicious? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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