UFC Champ Barao: ‘My opponents make more than me’

“I’m very happy being an UFC champion. But i would like to improve my contract. Actually, an example: i know that Faber is a much older guy on the UFC, but he’s not even the champion and has a much better purse than mine”

“It is what it is, we’re working for it to improve. I hope that after this fight i can have a much better contract. I hope it improves everyday. This depends on the contract*, but i hope they remember that i saved an event”

“I prefer to rest a little more, but the UFC needed me, so I’m here to save the event. Unfortunately, Weidman got injured, so they called me and i accepted.┬áIt’s always good to fight in these big events, i was pretty happy”

In a recent interview with the Brazilian Media, Renan Barao expressed his desire for more pay.

Think he deserves it?

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