UFC Boss: Fedor’s Manager Must F!@#$ Himself To Sleep At Night

There is a long documented history of failed negotiations between the UFC promotion and the Fedor Emelianenko camp.

Prior to his stint with the now defunct Strikeforce banner, Fedor Emelianenko was widely considered the most dominant Mixed Martial Artist in history.

With the UFC’s eyes set on Russian territory, the talks of a Russian talent influx to the promotion has quickly drawn the attention of the MMA man in Russia and Fedor Emelianenko manager, Vadim Finkelstein.

Bleacher Report has the story:

“I’m ready to talk and work.” said Vadim in a recent interview. “I’m ready to give them my champions if we can come to an agreement.”

Don’t expect an M-1 Global and UFC alliance this month.

“That’s cool of him. So now Fedor’s retired, M-1 Global didn’t work and now he’s open to working with us? He’s a smart dude,” said White. “Vadim blew it in every way possible that you could blow it. We went there, we made Fedor an incredible offer and M-1 was a part of that whole thing cause I don’t know how that whole relationship works, but if he would have come in and he would have fought—he would have made a lot of money.”

“That dude must f—-ing go to bed every night and lay down and just motherf— himself until he falls asleep.” said White of Finkelstein. “Seriously. he must. I don’t even know how it’s possible how he couldn’t.”

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