UFC 192 Results: Derrick Lewis Survives Pesta’s Grappling, Gets TKO Finish

Derrick Lewis

Derrick Lewis and Viktor Pesta kicked things off at UFC 192. For Lewis, it was a fight in front of his home crowd.

At the start of the fight Lewis attempted a high kick but missed. Shortly after that Pesta got him on the cage in the clinch, then eventually got him down. From there Pesta kept top control. Lewis managed to get up but was taken down again moments later. Lewis threatened with a kimura from the bottom, but Pesta was able to get out of it. Lewis eventually got up, but still, Pesta kept the pressure on in. In the final seconds Lewis broke free and tried to land a big punch, but was unsuccessful.

In the second round Lewis showed better takedown defense early, but Pesta stayed on him and did get him down again. The referee eventually stood them up and Lewis looked to land his big shots but Pesta wanted no part of the stand up and got him down again. Lewis worked his way up to his feet, but couldn’t shake Pesta off of him. With about 30 seconds left they broke free and Lewis started throwing bombs. Pesta started looking for a takedown but Lewis stuffed it and ended up on top in half guard. Lewis started landing big ground and pound. Pesta looked hurt. He survived the round but was really hurt and tired. He could barely get up.

In the third round they came out and right away Pesta tried to shoot in. Like the end of the second, Lewis sprawled and ended up on top. He started landing big punches, then worked his way to full mount. From there he just unloaded on him until the referee stopped the fight.

RESULT: Lewis wins via TKO at 1:15 of round 2

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