UFC 192 Light Heavyweights React To Jon Jones’ Possible Return

Jon Jones

There’s no question that one thing that will be on a lot of people’s minds during UFC 192 will be Jon Jones.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion was given 18 months probation instead of any jail time following a hit and run incident earlier in the year. Thus, Jones could return to the UFC in the very near future.

So, with Daniel Cormier defending his light heavyweight title against Alexander Gustafsson and Ryan Bader fighting Rashad Evans, of course a lot of people will be thinking about the former champ and who he will be fighting upon his return.

The light heavyweights of UFC 192 are no different and when asked about the situation, all gave different responses.

Here’s what they had to say, via UFC.com.:

Daniel Cormier:

“If there was ever a doubt that I want to get back in the Octagon with that man, please but it to rest. There’s no worry on my end. We’re celebrating on this side.”

Alexander Gustafsson:

“I just hope that he’s getting better and he’s learned from his mistakes. [I hope] that he comes back to the division so I can beat him too.”

Rashad Evans:

“I kinda knew he was always going to be back in the mix. Everybody was talking about title implications and things like that [but] I knew Jones would come back. So I didn’t really get it in my head that this was going to be the one that got me a title shot. I was just thankful for whatever came my way.”

Ryan Bader:

“I can worry about that after, but right now I have a one-track mind on Rashad.”

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