UFC 191 Results: Demetrious Johnson Is Still Champ, Beats Dodson In Five Round Fight, Again


In the night’s main event UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson took on John Dodson in a highly anticipated rematch.

There was a feeling out process. Johnson shot in for a takedown but Dodson brushed him off. They clinched up briefly on the cage but then separated from each other. Johnson tried to chase Dodson down and get another takedown but Dodson was able to escape it again. The round ended.

In the second Dodson got Johnson to the ground briefly when he caught a kick. Johnson got up right away though. Johnson got Dodson on the cage, but Dodson reversed the clinch and put the champ on the cage. Then they broke away. Johnson threw a few big head kicks but they were all blocked

In the third round Johnson really looked for the takedown. He worked on the cage, looking to get Dodson down. While in the clinch Johnson landing short punches. He kept grabbing Dodson’s leg and pushing him back to the cage. He eventually got a takedown. Dodson gut back to his feet right away. But Johnson again pushed him to the cage. Right at the end of the round, Johnson threw a flying knee and Dodson caught him with a big punch. Johnson went down, but the round ended. It didn’t appear Johnson was actually hurt, maybe just caught off guard.

In the fourth round Johnson went for the takedown again but Dodson did a great job getting out of it. Dodson got Johnson on the cage for a while. He eventually did get Dodson down, but couldn’t keep him down.

In the fifth and final round Johnson got Dodson down again. Dodson got up quick but still Johnson kept pushing him on the cage. The real story was just that Dodson couldn’t land anything on Johnson.

RESULT: Johnson wins via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 50-45)

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