UFC 189 Results: Cody Pfister Suffers Brutal Leg Kicks, But Wrestles To A UD

Cody Pfister

Pfister wins

The first fight of the biggest UFC card this year was between Yosdenis Codeno and Cody Pfister.

Right away Cedeno came out with some heavy leg kicks. Pfister tried to utilize a jab. Cedeno landed another massive leg kick. Codeno switched stances up over and over. Pfister was having a hard time getting in to land his shots. But, Pfister was keeping the pressure on. They clinched up and Pfister tired to take it to the cage. Cedeno threatened with a kimura and escaped. Already, Cedeno seemed to be slowing down. Still, he landed big leg kicks. Pfister came in, landed a nice right hand. Cedneo started taunting, pointing down, then kicking high. More massive┬áleg kicks landed for Cedeno. Pfister kept the pressure on, but wasn’t landing much. Every time Pfister got hit with a leg kick it raised off the ground. He switched stances to try and avoid more damage to the leg.

In the second Pfister came out and got in the face of Cedeno. It was obvious Pfister was hurting from those leg kicks, he remained in southpaw to avoid more damage to the lead leg. Finally Pfister moved in and shot in for a takedown. Cedeno tried to roll, gave up his back and right away Pfister locked in the leg hooks and started working for a rear naked choke. After a while of defending Cedeno turned quick and reversed positions. He stared working from Pfister’s full guard. Pfister kept him in tight, not allowing Cedeno to land anything. Eventually the referee stood them up. Again, Pfister shot in and got another takedown. Pfister started working from the guard. Again Pfister worked to the back of Cedeno, then switched to the mount, with 20 seconds left.

In the third, Pfister went right for a single leg takedown and got it. The referee stands them up, while Pfister was working, questionable choice. Even with that, Pfister went back to the takedown and got another one. Pfister worked on some small punches from the full guard. Cedeno gave up his back and Pfister took advantage, locking in both leg hooks. Cedeno spun again and got free. Pfister shot in right away and Cedeno grabbed the neck. He eventually let go of the guillotine. Pfister then started working from full guard. Again, Cedeno gave his back. Cedeno spun out again and tried to land punches before the fight ended.

RESULT: Pfister wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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