UFC 188 Results: Tecia Torres Wins The Clinch Game, Picks Up UD Win

tecia Torres wins

Torres wins

The first fight of UFC 188’s main card was between UFC strawweights Angela Hill and Tecia Torres.

Torres landed a few nice leg kicks early. Hill pressed Torres, backing her up. Torres ducked under and clinched Hill against the cage. She landed a knee to Hill’s body. Hill reversed positions briefly, then Torres got her position back before breaking away. Torres goes in and shoots for a takedown, she gets it and ends up in half guard. Torres worked from there for a while, not doing much offensively until the final seconds, where Torres postured up and threw some big punches.

In the second Torres landed a front leg sidekick. She went in for a takedown but Hill defended well. Moments later she shot in again and got the takedown. She managed to get to side control, but Hill moved her back to half guard. Torres eventually got to side control again. Hill tried to roll, Torres had her back briefly before she rolled again and ended up in mount. Hill managed to move and get Torres to half guard. Rogan called this the most boring thing he’s ever seen in his life. They get stood up. In the clinch on the cage, Hill lands a nice knee. Torres reverses position on the cage and ends the round with the advantage.

Torres lands a good double kick at the start of the third. The round spent took place on the feet for a while. Hill came forward, trying to land. Torres couldn’t get the takedown when she went for it, instead gets Hill on the cage. Torres stayed in that position for a long tim, too long, without doing anything. The referee separated them, then Torres went right back to the takedown attempt, and again clinched Hill on the cage. The fight ended in that position. I’m with Rogan, it was pretty boring and not what was expected of this fight.

RESULTS: Torres wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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